Project Description

Project Brief

Orion Equipment Inc. was in need of a refresh to their past website that was over 5 years old. Their brand and product information was getting lost due to an inefficient design, which decreased their website’s readability. NerDsign’s objective was initially to redesign their current site to look more appealing, but all the development needed to be done to work within the previous developer’s framework created a lengthy time frame.  We proposed a brand new website with enhanced capabilities that would reduce time and development costs.

Orion Equipment Inc

Initial Concept Planning

After analyzing Orion Equipment Inc’s clientele and their competitors, we were able to come to an agreement of the direction of the website.  Keep it simple.  Orion Equipment Inc’s competitors all had a web presence but their content and design was unorganized which created a negative user experience.

Drafts & Revisions

We have three checkpoints for revisions (Initial Design, Pre-Launch, and Post-Launch).  Orion Equipment Inc has great insight to how their customers view information and was able to provide concise feedback which mitigated any large revisions.

Final Delivery

Due to Orion Equipment Inc already having an established domain and internet traffic already established, the final delivery stage went off without a hitch. Just a quick change of a domain setting and the new site was launched within minutes.

Skills Needed

While this project was labeled as a redesign, this project was a new site from the ground up since minimal information was reused from the old site.  Design and product structure to enable increased SEO as well as conversions was the primary goal.  The typical user will spend very little time searching for what they need on a website, if it’s not found within that time frame then you lose that conversion.  NerDsign provided a simple design approach to keep the potential customer on a well laid out path to products and information.

Project Planning
Website Design